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Maxfield Parrish

Максфилд Парриш (1870-1966) – американский художник, иллюстратор и монументалист.

The Lantern Bearers (1908, oil on canvas)

Daybreak (1922, oil on bord)

Air Castles (1904, oil on board)

Enchantment (1913, oil on panel)

Egypt (1902, oil on paper)

Sleeping Beauty (1912, oil on canvas)

Venetian Lamplighter (1922, oil on panel)

Morning (1922, oil on panel)

Her Window (1922, oil on panel)

Contentment (1927, oil on masonite)

A Venetian Night's Entertainment (1903, oil on paper)

The Knave (1925, oil on panel)

Sunlit Valley (1947, oil on panel)

Moonlinght (1932, color lithograph)

The Old Glen Mill (1950, oil on panel)

New Moon (1958, oil on panel)

Посмотреть другие работы художника, а также ознакомиться с его биографией можно здесь:
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