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друзья, а что это за выставка?

MOSCOW - “Struggling for the Banner” is the first major presentation of the period of “new leftist” art in the USSR, and especially that from the period of the “cultural revolution” (1928-1932), when the struggle against the passive, contemplative, purely aesthetic, and formal side of art reached its apogee. However, this art is not only anti-bourgeois in terms of theme. Instead, its aesthetic often comes surprisingly close to that of the political art of our own age. Many of the works in the exhibition have never been shown to the public before: monumental paintings, photomontages, photographs, graphic reproductions, posters, mass action sculpture projects, and films make for around 250 works by more than 100 authors. On exhibition June 18 through July 4, 2009 at the Moscow Museum of Modern Art.

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