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egeria (the Boho Queen)

Identification problems

I need your help.
I found this illustration in a very bizarre book. Speaking about pilgrimage to the Holy Land, in the chapter about the Crusades, the following illustration was attached:
The explanatory line does not help much: "The imaginary travel form Europe to the Holy Land".
Obviously, it is some kind of printed English(?) book from the early modern period. The inscriptions inside the miniature reads: “We went out full but return empty; Europe; Vestigia pauca retrorsum; Peter the Hermit; I sound to myself a retreat, to others a March” (please, correct me, if I have it wrong).
Does anybody familiar with this depiction or can identify it, or even have some bibliographical reference?
I would be really grateful for any information or ideas.

Я извиняюсь за английский - вопрос с следующем - не знает ли кто ЧТО ЭТО? откуда? когда? и пр.
Tags: графика

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