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Naughty Children

James Jacques Joseph Tissot, Hide and Seek, c. 1877

Richard Westall, Mask

Richard Westall, Ghost

Gaetano Chierici, The Mask, 1877

Pieter Bruegel the Elder, Children's Games, 1559-60

Jacques-Laurent Agasse, The Playground, 1830

Anonymous, Blindman's Bluff

Jan Steen, Children Teaching a Cat to Dance (Dancing Lesson), c.1665

Charles Edward Marshall

Anonymous, 19c

Jonathan Eastman Johnson, The Old Stagecoach, 1871

William Merritt Chase, Hide and Seek, 1888

Julius Geerts, 1867

Ludwig Knaus, 1868

George Bernard O'Neill

George Morland

William Frederick Witherington, The Hop Garland, 1834

Arthur John Elsley

John Morgan

William Frederick Witherington

Charles Bertrand D'Entraygues, La Table Des Enfants, 1882

Paul Leroy, 1918

Franz Wiesenthal, 1896

Philipp Otto Runge, 1805

гравюры 19 в.

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